Business Coach  |  HR Professional | Process Automation Specialist

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 Keshav Sridhar is a  Business Coach, HR Professional and a Process Automation specialist, with a passion to synergize People & Processes, thereby facilitating improved Business  operations and  sustainable Business growth.

  • HR Professional with a passion for Human Resource Development, accentuated with innovative Technology solutions 
  • Wields an excellent blend of HRM with Technology solutions, for Business Development
  • Experience working with Corporates, Start-ups & Educational Institutes
  • Outreach to over 80,000+ people in the last 16+ years. Reached 30,000+ working professionals & 50,000+ students from various higher education campuses 
  • Regular columnist for HR & Business Magazines 

  Effective Mantra for any Business to carve out it's unique success story : Ideate  |  Prototype  |  Innovate  |  Synergize | Thrive 

  Simple Mantra for any Individual to excel : Speak Effectively, Work Efficiently